Important Update

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, public worship in our building has been suspended until further notice.

We will continue to pray for and support our local community in these unprecedented times. 

We are currently providing online worship every Sunday via Youtube

Or you can find the links on our Facebook page

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Close Up Photo Competition Saturday 15th June 2019

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Rachael Sage in Concert – Thuesday 11th July 2019

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Safari Sunday 9th June 2019

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Weekly Update – 20th May 2019

On Saturday morning a group of us gathered to take part in the Great Bradford Spring Clean event. Equipped with our special green bags and litter pickers. (Who knew that Lorraine had her own!) we set off to clean our part of Wrose. First we made a thorough sweep of the church grounds before setting off into Wrose Road. The process was very satisfying and slightly addictive and after an hour we had covered everywhere on the main road from Kings Road to Five Lane Ends, with a few diversions into the side streets.

We are undertaking a new series of messages under the title ‘Real Lyfe’.  The material which has been produced by the Bible Society to help Christians to live an authentic lifestyle. Over the next few weeks we shall be looking at the life issues of integrity, anger, doubt etc.

This week the theme of our teaching was ‘INTEGRITY’ – How to remain a whole person. The contrast between the story of David and Bathsheba and Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife could not be more stark. David loses his integrity when he gives into temptation, whereas Joseph remains whole under pressure and retains his integrity. I found this topic particularly interesting and thought provoking. The message I gave this Sunday is to be found at the end of this Update. Here are six suggestions about to develop integrity.

1)     Understand the true definition of integrity – wholeness

2)     Intentionally reflect on what to say, how to behave, how to make decisions in a way that is reflective of our faith in Jesus.

3)     Seek to be the same authentic person regardless of the situation. When someone has integrity, you can meet them with their family, friends, church, or at work, and you will see a consistency in behaviour, actions, and words. You will recognize this person no matter what environment they are in.

4)     Recognise the impact that you have on others. We should be conscious of how our behaviour and words impact those around us intentionally and often unintentionally. So, when you get it wrong, you will need to stop, acknowledge, apologize, seek forgiveness and correct your course. This requires humility, authenticity, and an awareness of the feelings of others.

5)     Actively focus on the development of character and wholeness. Spend time intentionally on this through reading the Bible, joining a Life Group, listening to the counsel of others, going to leadership development courses, and reflecting on how to develop character.

6)     Encourage other people to be on the same journey. Aim to walk in integrity and as others see that, they will be drawn to this. They can have confidence you that you will do what you say and believe.

Cuddy Cafe was also in session and were dealing with the topic of integrity in their own unique style – I believe that Star Wars was involved somewhere! In their leaflet they included this helpful guide to praying.

What will you being doing this time tomorrow?

What are the challenges you will be facing?

In what ways can we all pray for you?

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Weekly Update – 13th May 2019

We are undertaking a new series of messages under the title ‘Real Lyfe’.  The material which has been produced by the Bible Society to help Christians to live an authentic lifestyle. Over the next few weeks we shall be looking at the life issues of integrity, anger, doubt etc.

This week the theme of our teaching was ‘HOOKED’ – dealing with temptation. We heard the story of David allowing his desire for a married woman to completely distort his life, leading him from deception, to adultery, conniving and finally murder. This is the full effect of temptation when we allow ourselves to be dominated by it. The Chinese have a saying ‘You can’t stop the birds from flying over your head but you can stop them nesting in your hair.’ Which means that temptation is always present in life but none of us have to give in to it. Stewart preached a good message on this on Sunday, the text of which is to be found at the end of this Update. I have also included a simple guide to temptation  at the end of these notes; produced as part of the Lyfe Course is seemed a good contribution to the the discussion.

In the evening we repaired to Costa Coffee in Shipley where we were royally entertained with music from the Mudlarks and some excellent coffee from Ruth and Chloe. You might see some familiar faces in the band. They made some excellent music and were enjoyed by a full house.

Lyfe guide to Temptation

What is temptation?

Temptation has somehow got itself a good enough reputation to make it an appealing name for boxed chocolates, creamy yogurts, perfume, shower gel… go on, give in! In common usage, temptation has come to mean the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise. And who would want to resist such a desire if it would be fun to do so?

In the Bible, temptation has a broader significance. It refers to any kind of test or trial, which of course includes the desire to do wrong, which is hard to fight. The first account of temptation we have is when Eve was offered forbidden fruit by the serpent in the garden of Eden, and we all know how that went down.

Why are we tempted?

We face temptation because we have been given the ability to choose by a God who has no desire to coerce us into relationship with him. Tests and trials are not doled out by a stern deity who needs us to prove our mettle; they are a consequence of living in a free universe and as humanity that has collectively embraced rebellion as a natural stance. Doing the right thing can be terribly counter-intuitive and costly- we are kind of wired to be bad.

How can we withstand it?

Writing to the young church leader Timothy, Paul says, “Run from temptations that capture young people. Always do the right thing. Be faithful, loving and easy to get along with. Worship with people whose hearts are pure.” (2 Timothy 2:22) Jesus teaches his followers to pray, “lead us not into temptation,” because he knows we are weak and our faith can’t stand up to much pressure. So the first rule of withstanding temptation is to avoid it if you possibly can; better: run from it. And seek out the company of those who are running in the same direction, because that will help.

The second rule is that when you can’t avoid temptations or tests, see them as an opportunity to develop some spiritual muscles, and train yourself to make godly choices. Romans 5:3-5 says, “suffering helps us to endure. And endurance builds character, which gives us a hope that will never disappoint us.” While tests and trials are not God’s ideal way of dealing with us, he is able to use them for good, to discipline us, strengthen our faith, and to demonstrate his power in and through our weakness.

What happens when we succumb?This is an important question, because the only human to have ever come through all trials and temptations without sinning is Jesus. Fortunately, because Jesus was perfect, he was qualified to stand in our place of judgement before God, and take on the penalty for our failure: Jesus understands every weakness of ours, because he was tempted in every way that we are. But he did not sin! So whenever we are in need, we should come bravely before the throne of our merciful God. There we will be treated with undeserved kindness, and we will find help.” (Hebrews 4:15,16)

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Weekly Update – 6th May 2019

This Sunday we began a new series of messages under the title ‘Real Lyfe’.  The material which has been produced by the Bible Society to help Christians to live an authentic lifestyle. Over the next few weeks we shall be looking at the life issues of integrity, anger, doubt etc.

This week the theme of our teaching was ‘HOLINESS’. Peter is writing to a scattered group of  Christians throughout what would now be modern day Turkey who are trying to work out how to live out their faith in a hostile environment. Peter knows how easy it is to lose spiritual focus. The call to be ‘have your minds ready for action’ encourages Christians not to let their minds get lazy and wander from Christ towards sinful  and worldly ways of thinking and acting.

Being holy and authentic is about more than just avoiding sin; it’s also about cultivating our delight in God and welcoming the Holy Spirit into every part of our lives. The promise that he will always be with us, helps us to live this new, authentic, holy life today. Peter believes that growth in holiness will lead to purity and a deeper love amongst Christians.

We see holiness lived out in the life of Jesus time and time again as he constantly turns towards other people through acts of humility and service. Take time each day this week to consider who or where God might want you to serve. What opportunities might arise where you can resist being the first, best or most important person? Are there situations at home, at work or in everyday life where you can serve others this week? Are there times where you can allow others to be first? Pray for the grace to be able to lay aside pride and take the place of a servant. You may wish to reflect on Luke 14.7–14 or Luke 9.46–48. A heart focused on others is a heart growing in holiness. My message from the 9.15am Communion service is to be found at the end of this Update.

In the evening at an Ikon entitled ‘Bread for the Journey’ we thought about how God provides us everything we need for our journey through life. We considered the passage from 1 Kings in which Elijah stays with a woman and her son during a famine and that God provides an endless supply of olive and and flour to ensure that they never went hungry.

We thought about these questions during our period of silence.

What can God do with an empty jug?

God’s work, done in God’s way, will never lack God’s supply?

What step of faith do you need to take at this time in your life?

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Weekly Update – 30th April 2019


Our Annual Parochial Church Meeting took place this Sunday instead of the 10.30am service. This is the meeting at which we give account of the life of the church during the previous year. We elected Lorraine and Carol to be our churchwardens for a further year. The wardens are the senior lay people and act to ensure that the church is run properly and that the building is in good repair. We also elected three new members to the PCC (Parochial Church Council) – Claire, Eunice and June to serve for a period of three years. The PCC shares in the leadership of the church alongside myself and the wardens. Please pray for them as they take up their new posts.   

We also received the results of the new Electoral Roll. The numbers registered has fallen from 98 last year to 82 this time. Whilst this seems like a dramatic reduction, Stewart who organises the roll has explained that because the Roll last for 6 years it will always contain an number of people who are no longer eligible, through having left the church, moved away or died in the previous 12 months. This number is obviously at its greatest in the last year of the previous Roll. We have removed 30 names from the old Roll and added 14 new ones which accounts for the difference.

We also received reports on the life of the church (do ensure you have a copy and that you read it because it contains a mass of useful information and some valuable prayer points. Thanks to Natalie and Mark for all their hard work in producing it.

Alongside this, Victoria presented the Accounts for 2018. Sadly the news is not good. We are not meeting our commitments to the Diocese by a considerable amount. It was for this reason that we have been working through our GIft Campaign both in the messages on Sundays and via the Life Groups in the midweek. We need to do something drastic to get us closer to meeting our commitments. We have sought to cut expenditure but the giving has gone in recent years and we felt that it was important to bring this to your attention via the campaign. Everyone will have received an envelope outlining the campaign and how to respond to it. When you return your response form we will add another leaf to the tree of Time, Talents and Treasure. So far we have had 45 forms returned. Can I encourage you that if you have not returned your form by last Sunday’s deadline then please do not despair. There is still time. The box for returns will still be in church for the next two Sundays in order for you to add you return to the pile.  

This week the theme of our teaching was appropriately: ‘HOPE’. As Christians we have a sure and certain hope in Christ. We know that we will spend eternity will Jesus once we have put our trust in him. However the hope which is referred to in our passage Revelation 21:1-7 is far more than that. The image is of God coming down to dwell with us not us going up to dwell with him. The implication being that we are called to express the Hope of the Kingdom in our daily lives. The things we do matter – they are not just a means of making life more bearable. The text of the message given at the 9.15am Communion can be found as usual at the conclusion of this Update.

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Weekly Update – 8th January 2019


Such a lot has happened since I penned the last Update that it will be difficult to encapsulate all of it in this edition. Our last Update was written on the Christmas Eve, so let us start there. First there was the pop up nativity ably led by our mice Natalie and Victoria. Here come the angels!

The came midnight communion and finally Christmas Day dawned and the church was full of excitement. Presents were shown, the Nativity story sung along to and party poppers were fired in celebration.

Katy and I then went away for a few days of rest and recreation. Meanwhile Stewart ably led our Covenant Service on the theme of Adoption. (The text of his message is to be found at the end of this Update as usual).

The New Year was seen in and Unwind continued as usual. On Sunday we made a start on our new series ‘The Prayer Course’. The first week just introduced the subject of Prayer using some words from the books of James and Ezekiel. (The text of my message at the 9.15am service are also to be found at the end of this Update) The subject was followed on in our Cafe Church at 10.30am. My thanks go to Carol Wilkinson for stepping so wonderfully at the last minute when I was unable to lead.

In the evening we enjoyed a beautifully gentle evening at Live @ Costa in the very capable musical hands of our own Tilly Stothard. She entertained us royally with some wonderful songs.


This week we were thinking about God’s call for us to ‘stand in the gap’ in prayer for other people and for the world. It seemed appropriate to provide an outline prayer for us to use. If there is someone or a situation that you feel God calling you to pray for, then why try using these words regularly to focus your prayer.

You begin by taking hold of God by acknowledging who He is and by thanking Him and praising Him for all He has done.

“Father, I thank You that You made a bridge for me.

I thank You for saving me by grace through faith, through the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank You, God, that You are an all-knowing, all-powerful God.

You are a loving God and a merciful God, and I praise You for Your greatness… for Your wisdom… for Your kindness to me…”

Second, you take hold of the person.

“Lord, You know the weight on my heart today. I’m bringing … to you.

I ask You to protect them. I ask you to meet … at their point of need, take away all evil influences and bring them your peace. You know this deep concern on my heart, Lord, I can’t hide it from You. So I bring it to you, in Jesus’ name.”

Do you see how that works? You take hold of God in one hand and take hold of the person in the other hand, and you become a bridge in between them. You stand in the gap.

“God, I’m bringing… to you, and I’m asking for a miracle in their life. I’m asking that the Holy Spirit will surround and protect them. I know that this is Your will, Father, and that right now I am praying in Your will.” Amen.

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Happy New Year

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