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Weekly Update – 31st October 2016

Posted by on 31st October 2016

Hi Everyone

The week began with the big machines rolling into and then ripping up the car park. It was slow process but gradually the old was removed and the new replaced it, until on Saturday the work was completed. Now we have a brand new car park with which to welcome people into our church. Our thanks go to everyone who helped raise the money for this project. On another matter we now have a new and working cooker in the kitchen – just in time for our Christmas Meal.


On Thursday Carol, Lorraine and I went out visiting local businesses to enlist their support for our Sheep Trail. As you may know people in the church and the community have been knitting sheep for some time. These will find themselves in local shops and businesses during December and the children from Low Ash and Blakehill Schools will be searching for them in the hope of completing our Sheep Trail and possibly win a sheep for themselves.


This Sunday we welcomed Alice and her husband Joseph from CAP (Christians Against Poverty) to our joint Holy Communion. Alice shared some of her experiences and the changes in the lives of those who had been helped by CAP. She used the idea of God being the same yesterday, today and forever and applied it to the lives of people. We all have a yesterday, some of it bad. Cap offers people a new start today and the hope of a future with God.


CIA met in church with Steven Harvey and they began to paint the huge nativity figures which will become a part of our Nativity Tableau which will be situated on top of the office/kitchen block as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.


It being All Saints Day tomorrow (November 1st) our prayer for us to share in this week thanks God for all those who have lifted up the name of Jesus throughout history. Both those known to us and those unknown. Take time to be quiet when you say this prayer – give God time to speak to you through these words and may the Lord hear our prayers.


We give you thanks, O God, for all the saints who ever worshipped you
Whether in stone cells or cathedrals,
Weathered wooden churches or crumbling cement meeting houses
Where your name was lifted and adored.

We give you thanks, O God, for hands lifted in praise:
Manicured hands and hands stained with grease or soil,
Strong hands and those gnarled with age
Holy hands
Used as wave offerings across the land.

We thank you, God, for hardworking saints;
Whether hard-hatted or steel-booted,
Head ragged or aproned,
Blue-collared or three-piece-suited
They left their mark on the earth for you, for us, for our children to come.

Thank you, God, for the tremendous sacrifices made by those who have gone before us.
Bless the memories of your saints, God.
May we learn how to walk wisely from their examples of faith, dedication, worship, and love.


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