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Weekly Update – 6th May 2019

Posted by on 7th May 2019

This Sunday we began a new series of messages under the title ‘Real Lyfe’.  The material which has been produced by the Bible Society to help Christians to live an authentic lifestyle. Over the next few weeks we shall be looking at the life issues of integrity, anger, doubt etc.

This week the theme of our teaching was ‘HOLINESS’. Peter is writing to a scattered group of  Christians throughout what would now be modern day Turkey who are trying to work out how to live out their faith in a hostile environment. Peter knows how easy it is to lose spiritual focus. The call to be ‘have your minds ready for action’ encourages Christians not to let their minds get lazy and wander from Christ towards sinful  and worldly ways of thinking and acting.

Being holy and authentic is about more than just avoiding sin; it’s also about cultivating our delight in God and welcoming the Holy Spirit into every part of our lives. The promise that he will always be with us, helps us to live this new, authentic, holy life today. Peter believes that growth in holiness will lead to purity and a deeper love amongst Christians.

We see holiness lived out in the life of Jesus time and time again as he constantly turns towards other people through acts of humility and service. Take time each day this week to consider who or where God might want you to serve. What opportunities might arise where you can resist being the first, best or most important person? Are there situations at home, at work or in everyday life where you can serve others this week? Are there times where you can allow others to be first? Pray for the grace to be able to lay aside pride and take the place of a servant. You may wish to reflect on Luke 14.7–14 or Luke 9.46–48. A heart focused on others is a heart growing in holiness. My message from the 9.15am Communion service is to be found at the end of this Update.

In the evening at an Ikon entitled ‘Bread for the Journey’ we thought about how God provides us everything we need for our journey through life. We considered the passage from 1 Kings in which Elijah stays with a woman and her son during a famine and that God provides an endless supply of olive and and flour to ensure that they never went hungry.

We thought about these questions during our period of silence.

What can God do with an empty jug?

God’s work, done in God’s way, will never lack God’s supply?

What step of faith do you need to take at this time in your life?

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