Weekly Update – 28th March 2016

Hi Everyone

What a week – Monday to Thursday were all about preparation. As the days passed boxes were filled and resources collected in preparation for the events that would follow over the weekend.

On Thursday evening we gathered to remember the events of the Last Supper. After the complexities of last year’s Passover Re-enactment, the Agape (Love Feast) was a gentler affair. We shared together the practice that the early Christians enjoyed as recorded in Acts 2. There was good food, conversation, some art was created and bread was broken.


Good Friday began with our Messy Easter event. Over 140 people (adults and children) came through our doors to share in songs, games, stories and crafts. Finally everyone shared in some wonderful food, lovingly prepared by Graham and served up by our great team. It was delicious. The Co-op had provided hot cross buns for everyone for afters.


In a complete change of pace, there was our ‘Hour By The Cross’ service. We reflected on the things that Jesus carried to the cross. We discovered that we were carried by him into his death and therefore into his resurrection. In dealing with our sins, Jesus also dealt with the whole of our lives. This was illustrated by sharing in the thorns and bloody bandages of the passion.


Good Friday evening saw us participating in the Tenebrae. The Tenebrae is an adaptation of a service that was used in the early church. It is a meditation on the shadows that gradually grew darker and finally enveloped Christ in darkness as he journeyed towards the Cross. The service is therefore in a restrained and solemn mood. Readings from scripture are interspersed with music and periods of silence. Each of the eight movements through the shadows of anguish, humiliation, separation and death is played out through scripture readings, music, dramatic action and silence.

One candle after another is put out as the sign of the darkness closing in on Jesus. In retracing the steps of Jesus towards the Cross we meditated on his obedience to God. We also thought of our own life of sacrifice for Christ and those for whom he died. “If any person will come after me, let him deny himself and take up the cross and follow me. Whoever loses his life for my sake and the Gospel’s will save it.” It was a really moving evening.


At 7.00am (6.00am in real time) over 100 folk from all the local churches gathered together outside Church on the Way to give praise to Jesus for his resurrection. We sang with joyful hearts and broke bread together as family. This was followed by a wonderful breakfast. The porridge was particularly good! Our thanks to David and his team for their hard work.


Our Sunday morning service was ably led by one of Worship Teams, with Stewart providing a powerful message about emptiness. Again we were joined by some of our new Iranian friends. We were delighted to offer baptism to Aboozar, Reza, Hossein and Reza. The two women we had hoped would join us had unfortunately been transferred to London – we pray that they will find a Christian welcome in their new place. The service proved to be very joyous and full of worship. All ages shared together in the occasion.

Our prayer this week follows the theme of Easter and was used at the beginning of our Sunday morning service.


We thank you
that Easter is not about a people,
but all people,
that your love and your Salvation
are for all who confess
with voices, hearts and lives
that the tomb is empty
because Jesus is risen,
that we might know forgiveness,
that lives might be reborn
and your name glorified
now and for eternity.


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Live @ Costa – Chilling With The King – Sunday 3rd April 2016

live at Costa April 2016

Our next offering at Live @ Costa the dulcet tones of ‘Chilling With The King’ led by our own Emma Allison. So if you need something smoooth after the busyness of Easter.then this is the place for you!

Sunday 3rd April 7.30pm

Everyone Welcome.

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Weekly Update – 21st March 2016

Hi Everyone

It has been quite a week here at St. Cuthbert’s. On Tuesday there was a Bishop’s Study Day attended by Jane, Stewart and myself. This was followed by two days of Re:Wind to Easter during which over 200 children from four of our local schools were presented with the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Our thanks go to all our wonderful volunteers and cake makers without whom the event would not be possible. Then on Thursday Sandra, Stewart, Janet and I found ourselves at another meeting with Bishop Toby, who brilliantly outlined his understanding of how we are to relate to those of different cultures and faiths. There was much to learn.


On Saturday our final Lenten Prayer breakfast saw us fill the Chapel to overflowing. Their minister Kevin encouraged us to rejoice in God’s greatness and shared something of their work in the local schools and community.  Yet again our joining together in prayer with the other churches has been well supported and wonderfully rewarding. We are now looking forward to the early morning service at Church on the Way for Easter Day. This was followed by the penultimate gathering of our Growing Leaders Course during which we considered how to keep our Leadership fresh.


And so Holy Week 2016 has finally arrived. Our Sunday service was led by our Young People who shared with us some of the events of Palm Sunday including performing science experiments and creative acts of prayer. They achieved this with very limited organising time and our thanks should go to them for a delightful service.


Again we were joined by some of our new Iranian friends. This Sunday we shall be offering baptism to four men and two women. It should be a wonderful time of worship and will be led by one of our worship teams.


Lord Jesus Christ,
in this sacred and solemn week
when we see again
the depth and mystery of your redeeming love,
help us to follow where you go,
to stop where you stumble,
to listen when you cry,
to hurt as you suffer,
to bow our heads in sorrow as you die,
so that, when you are raised to life again,
we may share in your endless joy. Amen.

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Easter Services – March 2016


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Messy Easter – Friday 25th March 2016


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Weekly Update 14th March 2016

Hi Everyone
Well here we are only two weeks from the celebration of Easter and it seems to have crept up on very quickly this year – almost without us noticing!

On Saturday a good crowd of folk from the local churches gathered together for our latest Lenten Prayer breakfast. It was our turn to host and thanks to Lorraine and Carol we were the first to bring porridge to the mix. It was a good morning and very encouraging to people praying the life of our church.


The church cleaning activities which had begun on Friday; continued on Saturday and our thanks go to all those who turned up and did their bit. I had to drive to Sheffield to lead the latest in a series of seminars on Messy Church. Due to some motorway closures I only just managed to arrive in time to set up and give the seminar for 28 people – however it seemed to go well. Then I drove back to Wrose and spent three very interesting hours with three of our Iranian friends attempting to translate the Communion service into Farsi. They brought with them this beautiful cake.


On Sunday our two Communion services drew good numbers. The theme for this Sunday was on the practice of prayer and asked the question ‘how do we keep our prayer life fresh?’ I attach some practical thoughts from the first service which may be of interest. Again we were joined by some new Iranian friends and over discussion after the service we planned the baptism service for Easter Day. We now have four men and two women who have been prepared to receive baptism on Sunday 27th March. It should be a wonderful time of worship.

Sunday evening we celebrated the Celtic way of prayer at our Ikon worship.



The evening contained a particularly interesting Celtic feature which is the ‘Caim’ (which means sanctuary). The idea is to make a circle around yourself with one hand as a way of asking for God’s help and protection. Here are the words that accompany the action. It seemed appropriate to make it our prayer of the week.


The Caim – Celtic Prayer Circle
Imagining your circle is a clock face at the:
12 o clock: “Circle me Lord, Keep protection near,
And danger afar.”
3 o clock: “Circle me Lord, Keep light near,
And darkness afar.”
6 o clock: “Circle me Lord, Keep peace within,
Keep evil out.”
9 o clock: “Circle me Lord, Keep hope within,
Keep doubt without.”

Back at the 12 position finish your prayers with:

May you be a bright flame before me
May you be a guiding star above me,
May you be a smooth path below me,
And a loving Guide behind me,
Today, tonight, and forever. Amen

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Weekly Update – 8th March 2016

Hi Everyone
Another busy week has flown by. It was a week of meetings and courses for some, crafting and coffee for others, culminating in a fun filled weekend.

On Saturday a car load of people from St. Cuthbert’s and I might add one from St. James ventures bravely into the outskirts of Huddersfield for the intriguingly entitled ‘Making Connections Conference’ organised by the Diocesan Children & Youth department. There were a series of workshops on a variety of subjects (even one on Messy Church led by Colin). There was also a very thought provoking talk by Mary Hawes on the principles and practice of All Age Worship. It proved to be a worthwhile day, culminating in Colin selling books out of the boot of his car!


Saturday night and the hall was full of music and dancing as we celebrated the 70th birthday of Stewart Knowles. It was a great occasion and something of a surprise for him. The food was wonderful and Steve Harvey devised two more of his fiendishly difficult quizzes. Thanks to everyone who kept the secret and works so hard to put on the part.


Our main service on Sunday was Cafe Church which drew together over 60 people. The theme was prayer together and it raised some very interesting discussion. We also held a Clypping. It is an ancient practice on Mothering Sunday to embrace the church in a symbolic hug. We joined hands and prayer for the life of St. Cuthbert’s and then turned outwards to offer ourselves in service to the community. We were joined by some of our Iranian friends and over discussion after the service have finally found a way of communicating with them in Farsi. Praise God!


Sunday evening saw us gathering for Live @ Costa. Indeed it was a full house with over 80 people turning out to support Chris Gates from St James. Chris although somewhat nervous to start with did us proud and enjoyable evening was had by all. We also managed to raise a further £32 for Zephaniah as we found a new owner for Oswald the Dinosaur – well done Natalie.


Our prayer this week is prompted by Mothering Sunday which for many is a source of joy but for others a remembrance of sadness and loss. Please prayer this prayer to stand alongside for those in both situations.
Loving God,
Thank you for mums and children
and for all the joy of family life.
Be with those who are grieving because they have no mother;
Be close to those who are struggling because they have no children;
Be near to those who are sad because they are far apart from those they love.
Let your love be present in every home,
And help your church to have eyes to see and ears to hear the needs of all who come.
We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Weekly Update – 29th February 2016

Hi Everyone
Here we are at the end of February – amazingly a 6th of the year has already gone by. My prediction that life at St Cuthbert’s would get back into full swing this week were proved correct. This weekend marked the 22nd birthday of the Zephaniah Trust (one of the charities that we support). We had arranged a variety of activities over the weekend to raise money for this great work which reaches out to over 50 schools in the Bradford area as well as its work with Refugees and others. It began Friday night with Colin, David engaged in a Warhammer marathon with Mark and David. After a 7 hour set up the battle raged for more than eight hours over night. Honours were even and £173.50 was raised. On Saturday our children braved the Baby Food Challenge and brought in a further £218.00. Saturday evening saw the great Swishing Event organised by David Slaney which topped £300. So our contribution to the cause was just under £700. On Sunday afternoon we attended the Zephaniah Birthday Bash where the results of the entire fund raising effort were totalised. The grand total was £1815.01. I think we can be very proud of our efforts and our thanks to go all who took part and contributed sponsorship (and cake etc)


Our Lenten Prayer breakfast took us this Saturday to Church on the Way where the largest gathering so far took place. A great breakfast and some powerful prayer with our brothers and sisters in Christ were on the menu. (Our next breakfast is on Saturday 12th March at St. Cuthbert’s – why not come along – we have been promised porridge!)


This was followed by the latest of our Growing leaders sessions. This month the topic was the cost of being a Leader – judging by the wan faces of myself, David and Mark – it was clear that leading had taken its toll! We have two more sessions to go to complete the course – congratulations to those who have stayed the distance so far.


Our service on Sunday was simply astounding. The highlight being the baptism of 6 Iranian men with whom we had made contact via the Inn Churches Project. These were Christians who had been forced to leave home and family because of their beliefs. It began with a wonderfully moving testimony from Reza who’s English was much better than any of our Farsi. The baptisms themselves were very powerful and no one was left in any doubt that the Lord was with us. Please pray for those baptised as they set out on what they are calling their new lives. They have as yet no idea where they may end up – it will depend on the whims of government. However we will always know that we have played a small part in their journey of faith.

Our prayer this week is for those courageous men as they begin their new life with Christ. We have promised to support them in prayer and this is a good way to begin.
Heavenly Father,
In your love you have called us to know you,
led us to trust you, and bound our life with yours.
Surround the newly baptised with your love,
protect them from evil.
Fill them with the Holy Spirit
and receive them into the family of your church,
that they may walk with us in the way of Christ,
and grow in the knowledge of your love. Amen.


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

christmas 2015

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Messy Church – Countdown!

Invitation Messy Church is a place Children & Adults, who enjoy sharing in creativity, celebration, food & fun.   This November, we will be meeting to share in excitement & expectation of what is to come in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

All are welcome.

We start off in church, playing games, making badges and meeting up with our friends.   Once we are all in, (and importantly lunch ordered…), we have a quick introduction of the theme before hitting the hall for crafts & fun.   When we have had a good chance to move around the activities, making, building, sticking & painting, we will go back into church to show everyone our makes.   We will hear a story, sing some songs and worship God together, then it’s back into the transformed hall for LUNCH!

There is no charge to take part, either for crafts or food, though there are donation boxes if you wish to help us cover costs of Messy Church.



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